Greater Boston Chapter #013 Blog

  TU has just expanded this benefit to ALL Essential Workers!    Read More
We are coming up on the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and reflecting on last year when I was on one of 250+ volunteers at 14 locations in the... Read More
Brook Trout, in my opinion, are one of the most beautiful fish in the world. You never know when you could stumble upon a stretch of water holding... Read More
In August GBTU President Rui Coelho, spent some time with his 3 sons fishing off Block Island.  They were able to catch a full gamut of fish - Bonito... Read More
GBTU President, Rui Coelho, and his Lab, Annie, meet up with Cynthia Harkness of Fearless Fly Fishing with 7 other anglers for an early morning of... Read More
In my experience, you don’t need to hang around the fly fishing community for very long before you come across the iconic phrase, “match the hatch.”... Read More
Board members John Lefeber, Victor Colella, and Chris Hirsch hosted a GBTU introductory fly casting and fishing event on Massachusetts Free Fishing... Read More
30 tons of trash in 3 hours! Read More
We have some great events on tap this spring, including our chapter fundraiser, Trout on The Town, featuring TU CEO Chris Wood and our April Chapter... Read More
This may sound like some sort of Massachusetts fly fishing fairy tale, but this is no fiction. We had the third wettest fall here in the Bay State on... Read More