Summer Large Mouth on the Sudbury River



By Bill Pastuszek


Tom Largy, a past president of GBTU and ardent river advocate for the Sudbury, Assabet, and Concord Rivers, took me and my wife out for an after-work float on the Sudbury on a hot summer afternoon. We got access for the boat off River Road within the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge and headed upstream. We didn't have much action in the afternoon's heat until the evening cool began to set in.


We had fun catching bass on 8 weights on topwater flies such as sneaky , deer hair bugs, and leech patterns. The fish were under cover in weeds or at the banks, so accurate casts were in order to get these somewhat reluctant fish to move. When they moved, there wasn't anything too tentative about the take. We all ended up with enough bass to make the evening good summer fun. Getting a double was an added bonus!petes


This part of the Sudbury is a beautiful place. We had it to ourselves that evening. The last bass was caught at full dark came as we were cruising up to the take-out. When summer is in full swing and targeting trout means a trip to the Swift or Deerfield, there are few better places to get a tight line than on the Sudbury River, right in our own backyard.