GBTU Member Tribute


In the heart of Boston town,
There's a group of anglers renowned,
Their passion for fishing goes beyond,
For they strive to preserve the natural bond.


Greater Boston Trout Unlimited is their name,
And their love for trout is what sets them aflame,
They work tirelessly to protect and restore,
The habitat that these fish depend on for more.


Their efforts are seen through their Instagram page,
Where they document each act, each stage,
From cleaning up the riverbanks,
To educating folks on the vital thanks.


Through their hard work and dedication,
They've made an impact on conservation,
The rivers and streams are much cleaner now,
Thanks to their efforts, trout can thrive and grow.


So if you're ever in Boston town,
And you love fishing, don't let it get you down,
Just head on over to Greater Boston Trout Unlimited,
And join hands with them, to make a difference, united.