2022 Greater Boston Trout Unlimited Chapter Member Photo Contest Winners Announced

The results are in. Fly fishing industry photographer John Isola volunteered his time to review the more than sixty-five photographs entered by GBTU chapter members and selected the winning photographs shown below. Regarding the Best in Show Photograph by chapter member Andrew Morgens, Juror Isola commented, “Great photo, I know how hard it can be to capture a split second during a fish release.“


Prizes may be picked up at the GBTU booth at the 2023 Marlborough Fly Fishing Show January 20-22nd in Marlborough, MA. Alternatively, prizes may be mailed to winners after the Fly Fishing Show.


GBTU would like to thank the following businesses for providing prizes- Cheeky Fishing, Fishpond, Evening Sun Fly Shop, Deerfield Fly Shop, and Wingo Outdoors.


Best in Show- "Davidson River Sunshine, March 2022" by Andrew Morgens
(Prize- Cheeky Tyro 350 Reel)


Best Photograph with Fish Utilizing “Keep Them Wet” handling principles-
“Autumn Swift River Brookie” by Rita Tinega (Prize- Fishpond Lumbar Pack)


Best Non-fish Photograph- “Argentina” by Robert Markel
(Prize- Evening Sun Fly Shop gift certificate)


Honorable Mention- “Cape Cod Early Season Striper Fishing” by Cynthia Harkness
(Prize- Deerfield Fly Shop gift certificate)


Honorable Mention- “Untitled” by Chris Nuckols
(Prize- Tacky Pescador Fly Box & Leaflet)


Instagram Most Liked- “Beautiful Day on the Deerfield” by Mike Yeomans
(Prize- Wingo Outdoors prize pack)