2022 GBTU Member Photo Contest Call for Entries

Attention GBTU members, get your best fly fishing photos ready to win some prizes in the 2022 GBTU Photo Contest. The contest is open to chapter members only (join or renew). It’s free and easy to enter the contest and the best photos will win prizes from Cheeky, Fishpond, Wingo, Deerfield Fly Shop, Evening Sun Fly Shop, and more. There are two ways to enter: option 1 - post your pics on Instagram with the hashtag #gbtuphotocontest22 and fill out the entry form, or option 2 - fill out the entry form and upload your photos to the form (no social media option).

All forms of still photography are accepted, including digital, scanned film, color, black/white; camera, drone, phone, etc. The contest rules are detailed in the entry form. The contest deadline is November 30st, 2022. Fly fishing industry photographer John Isola (Insta handle - john_isola) is serving as the photography juror to select the prize winners.

Please note- If filling out the entry form is too much for you, just email us your pictures to: photo.contest@gbtu.org We don't any GBTU chapter members to miss out on the contest.